Presentation design

Learn all the skills you need to create beautiful science presentations more efficiently. This is a hands-on workshop with both theory and practical PowerPoint tips & tricks.

By The Online Scientist

How to apply visual storytelling to your message

How many bad science presentations have you seen? Slides crammed with text, illegible graphs and illegal cartoons? We know: too many. It’s our mission to change this ‘tradition.’ In this workshop, you will learn everything you need to create beautiful and clear science presentations.

Create clear, beautiful and effective presentations!

You will get hands-on with the design skills needed to work with color, images and data visualization, so that you can turn your bullet point bonanza into the talk of the town. By the end of the workshop you will have designed your own presentation template from which to create beautiful new presentations in a snap.

What you will learn

  • Avoiding the template trap with PowerPoint
  • Why you shouldn’t use bullet points (and what to do instead!)
  • How to present data visually
  • How to use photography and icons in your presentation
  • Using the Master slide to create new presentations in minutes

Scientific Presentations with PowerPoint

By Hertz, Training for Scientists

The key to a good PowerPoint presentation is a presenter who tells an enthusiastic story and makes direct (eye) contact with the audience. Your slides are there to support your story; to help the audience to understand and remember your presentation. In our workshops we help you to become a better presenter step-by-step. We work with engaging exercises and personal feedback. As a result you will design slides that really make a difference and present in an enthusiastic and convincing way.

Workshop Beginners

You have already presented a few times and you are able to create simple slides. You know what you like and dislike in presentations of others, but you were never taught the basic rules regarding slide design and presenting slides.  You want to learn some the rules and be able to apply these in engaging presentation.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • To format PP slides (color, composition, use of images)
  • To distinguish different types of images (functional and decorative)
  • To select the correct types of images to support your story
  • Ways to deal with your nervousness without using the slides as a speaking note
  • To structure a story using a storyboard

You will present your research in a small group and receive personal feedback.

Workshops Advanced

You already have experience in presenting. You are quite adept in making slides and you can animate parts. You would like to improve on making contact with your audience, building a strong story while using specific images that convey your message in a simple yet effective way.

In this workshop, we help you to make your presentation even more powerful by using well-chosen images and working with graphic organizers.

You will practice engaging openings and closing remarks and you will learn how to steer the attention of the audience.

You will present your research in a small group and receive personal feedback.

Masterclass Experts

You are invited to deliver a keynote or defend your research proposal for a committee. You would like to practise this specific presentation and bring it to perfection. After this masterclass you have a limited number of slides that perfectly visualize your story; that draw attention, promote understanding and ensure that your audience remembers your story. You will be able to make a strong personal impression and be able to convince others of your ideas. We work in small groups, or on a one-to-one basis and  take the time to improve every aspect of your presentation.