Dr.PPT is a collaboration between Brigitte Hertz, training for scientists, and The Online Scientist. Together we have years of experience in everything from slide design for researchers to workshops that help scientists become better presenters. All our advice is evidence-based and will help you create an impact.

We help scientists to become better presenters with our free articles, custom workshops, presentation design feedback and e-books.

Brigitte Hertz
Brigitte HertzTrainer for scientists

Brigitte has over 20 years of experience with training scientists to become better at their work. For her PhD she did research into the presentations of conference papers with PowerPoint, the first body of work to evaluate the effectiveness of scientific presentations.

She gives workshops on how to become a better presenter, all evidence-based, and is author of the book ‘Presentation of Research’ and co-author of the book ‘Finished in Four. Project management for PhDs’.

STEPHAN VAN DUINThe Online Scientist

I graduated as a biologist with minors in communication and business management at Wageningen University, while also having specialized in the dissemination of science at the University of California in Berkeley. I enjoy the process of understanding complex matters and being able to present them in a comprehensible way.

My vision is that science and society can benefit from clear science communication, and that IT can aid this development in various ways, from science websites for the public to academic e-learning for students.

LIESBETH SMITThe Online Scientist

Liesbeth has designed many scientific presentations for professors. With a background in scientific research and teaching at Harvard School of Public Health and VU University in Amsterdam, she now helps communicate science to the public with her company The Online Scientist.

Her mission is to make science sexy and easy to understand by using user-friendly and intuitive interactive designs, whether it’s with websites, online courses, or with exciting presentations. Get in touch for help with your designs!